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If you are searching for an Advertising Agency in Bonita Springs, Florida we'd like to ask you to stop and ask yourself a question.

Do you want to be treated as a nameless number by a company that is trying to "sell" you what they make the biggest commissions on?  The kind of company that starts off talking about themselves "We've been doing advertising for a billion years... We are the experts...  We... We... Wee.."?  I don't know about you but when I hear someone saying we... we... we... I start to think about the story of the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.  Sure, there are honest advertising agencies out there who can do a good job, but how do you know who they are?



My name is, Steven Nunnally, I'm the owner of Advertising By City (Our advertising agency) and Not Just Websites (Our website company).  We (Oops... sorry) do something completely different. Our focus is to offer you a completely free analysis of all your advertising and start off by helping you evaluate which forms of advertising are working well for you (A good return on investment) and which are not (bad investment). 

What Advertising Companies Don't Want You To Know
(Please scroll down to read about the type of advertising you want more information)
Websites (and Search Engine Optimization)
We can help you move your website higher in the search engines. In fact, our track record of getting websites to number one in Google is among the best in Florida. We can analyze your existing website in minutes to show you what works and what does not.
Pay Per Click Advertising
Did you know that on average that most businesses doing Pay Per Click Advertising are wasting over 50% of their money on clicks from people who typed phrases that have nothing to do with what the business sells?  We can test this for you in just a few minutes either in person or over the phone.  We can also test to see if your competition is clicking your links to run up your bill (It happens a lot more often than you would believe).  Oh, and if these bad things are happening to them we can fix them and save you a lot of money while actually increasing your "quality" sales leads.
Phone Books
Beware of the phone book companies.  They realize that most business owners will no longer advertise in the phone books unless the business is targeting consumers over the age of 65 "and" pretty much all of that business's competition has already pulled out of the phone books.  These days the phone book companies have started pushing their Online websites.  However, the reality is only a very small number of people use these phone book sites.  We can actually show you how many people entered (or did not enter) your website from these phone book sites.  We can also explain the very real financial danger to your companies financial future poised by the "tracking telephone numbers" these companies are promoting so heaving. Call us before signing any contracts with the phone book companies. You'll be glad you did.
We can show you how to get a better deal on printed newspaper advertising and more effective ways to advertise in the newspapers.  We can also help expose to you that quite often the newspapers are grossly exaggerating the number of people who they say visited their site and then clicked on your advertisement and ended up in your website.  We have found that for many businesses that advertising on newspaper websites this is a huge waste of money.  We can analyze this for you in just minutes.
Social Media
Social media is a necessity and profit maker for certain types of businesses such as motorcycle dealerships, clubs and organizations or anything where people want to socialize.  But it is an absolute waste of money for the vast majority of non-social businesses.  For instance if a social media person gets you 10,000 "friends" do you even know who any of these people are?  Do they know who you are?  Probably not.  It's just a list huge list of people which "Sounds good" but is a waste of money.  We can help you evaluate if social media is good for your business.
Many people believe blogs are like magic. You pay someone to write articles, post them on the Internet and suddenly you start making money.  Oh, and it's supposed to make your website rank higher too.  Would you be amazed that over 98% of blogs never get read by anyone but the person who wrote them and "sometimes" the person who paid for them.  As for Google?  Google tracks how many people actually read the blog.  If no one reads the blog or they leave it too quickly Google assumes people don't like it and so you paid a lot of money for nothing.  We can show you how many people read your blog (or didn't) and help you find your "cost per reader".  As for making your website rank higher?  There are a hundred things that are more effective and cheaper. 
Thinking of advertising on the radio?  It sounds great. The idea that a huge number of people will hear about you and your business. It feels like with a single commercial people will line up at your door.  But that's not the way it works.  People will need to hear your advertisement over and over again before it sticks in their mind.  But if they hear it too often they may tune it out.  So, for instance, we might recommend you could run your advertisements heavily one week, then none the next, then heavily the following week and so on.  In other words, if you talk to a sales person at the radio station they might care about your end result (making a profit) or they may simply focus on their own profit (Commission).  We can help you develop a better radio advertising campaign (Convert listeners to buyers) based on the best demographics, targeting only the areas where your customers are likely to be and help you get the best possible rate on your radio advertising.
We can show you what works, what doesn't and help you get a better deal
What Can We Do For You?

We take the stress out of advertising.

We can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising, help you establish a cost per sales lead, suggest which forms of advertising to decrease and which to increase.  We can help negotiate better deals for you.  We can help increase leads from the Internet.  In other words, we can act as your best friend who happens to know the advertising industry and help you put together an effective advertising campaign for your business (Whether big or small) that lowers your costs while increasing your sales.

Our goal is to help nice people get a better deal on their advertising and to help educate the public on how to avoid getting ripped off by advertising companies.

If you want great advice from a company where you will be treated as our best friend and at the same time be given the same advice we would give our best friend then how about giving us a call to set up an appointment.

Thank You

Steven Nunnally
Advertising By City

P.S.  We help nice people succeed in building their business. At the same time, our company policy is that we refuse to assist spammers, scammers, rude people or snobs.  Only nice people need apply.

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Advertising Agencies


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